Services & Costs

At Australian Carpet Dyeing our main service is on-floor, complete colour changes. Our quicker drying, cleaner process is suitable for most wool and nylon carpets and their blends. It is not however suitable for acrylic or polypropylene.

On light/neutral coloured carpets we offer an unlimited choice of colours; however certain permanent stains or specific damage may require darker colours to cover and restore. Your Australian Carpet Dyeing technician will advise you on this.

The process involves thorough “strip cleaning” of your carpets prior to them being redyed. Once the dye is applied and colourfast the carpet is extracted again to remove excess moisture.

This leaves your carpets clean as new and the new colour is fast immediately. Most furniture can be replaced that day, and you can walk on it immediately. Amazing but true.

At Australian Carpet Dyeing we pride ourselves on offering value for money.

We can transform an average three bedroom house of carpet for approximately $1,000.00 in one day.

No other renovation you can do will offer the same impact or improvement for the money and time invested.

We have redyed complete hotels and office buildings saving owners hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The larger the job, the more you save compared to new carpet.

* based on an area clear of furniture, minimum charges apply.

Customer Comments

I couldn't believe the difference; I'm rapt.
Mrs. McGovern, St. Kilda

Fantastic, I love the colour.
Mrs. Petrov, Essendon

Looks brand new. Thanks.
L&P Thompson, Patterson Lakes