Strip Cleaning

Australian Carpet Dyeing has developed a cleaning method that is truly remarkable.

Prior to redyeing, carpets need to be prepared thoroughly, and our strip cleaning method does just that.

It strips away foreign agents in the carpet including dirt, grime and detergent residues left behind by previous cleaning attempts. These result in grey spots reoccurring after the conventional cleaning. You know the ones. Our exclusive strip cleaning guarantees to remove these permanently.

Your carpets may not require redyeing once cleaned our way. It is a labour-intensive flushing/extracting process utilising high pH stripping agents. Strip cleaning is a premium service and is time consuming with an average 3BR house* pricing approximately $288, taking about half a day. You get what you pay for.

* based on 72m2 at $4.00 per m2 including GST.

Customer Comments

I couldn't believe the difference; I'm rapt.
Mrs. McGovern, St. Kilda

Fantastic, I love the colour.
Mrs. Petrov, Essendon

Looks brand new. Thanks.
L&P Thompson, Patterson Lakes