Australian Carpet Dyeing

"The difference is amazing"

This is a common reaction from our clients who have used the Australian Carpet Dyeing (ACD) system. Established in Melbourne in 1993, ACD offer the most advanced on-floor carpet restoration service available today – anywhere.

ACD technicians use the finest quality pigments and cleaning agents to thoroughly clean your carpets prior to them being re-dyed into more modern or serviceable colours. Original colour restorations are also available.

Even large homes can be completed in one day with the carpet being colourfast same day and able to be walked on immediately.

Put simply the transformation is stunning. From a grubby, stained carpet that is an eyesore, to a clean, easier to live with colour that is now a feature of your home or workplace – at a fraction of the cost of new carpet.

Customer Comments

I couldn't believe the difference; I'm rapt.
Mrs. McGovern, St. Kilda

Fantastic, I love the colour.
Mrs. Petrov, Essendon

Looks brand new. Thanks.
L&P Thompson, Patterson Lakes