Spot Dyeing

This service is available for carpets that have been damaged by bleaching agents, urine and chemical cleansers. This leaves carpets with unsightly lighter/white/yellow areas that are permanent.

If the stains are darker than the carpet you require overall dyeing to a darker colour or carpet replacement.

Generally we can re-dye spot areas of about 20cm in diameter or less.

Your carpet needs to be a single colour with no pattern to be suitable for spot dyeing.

Minimum charge of $200 + GST

Note: Bleach in carpets can remain active and do further damage, possibly permanent. Therefore we recommend when you experience these problems that you rinse and extract several times, the areas with a solution of 80% water, 20% white vinegar to neutralise the bleaching agents prior to our visit.

There are no guarantees on spot dyeing of carpets. Bleach and urine damaged carpets are permanently damaged and our service is the only alternative to carpet replacement. There is an over 80% chance that your damaged carpet can be restored to a presentable level with our service and the quality of the carpet and the strength of bleaching agent will determine results. Some high strength bleaching agent such as undiluted bleach will damage a carpet permanently and spot dyeing will be rendered ineffective.

Customer Comments

I couldn't believe the difference; I'm rapt.
Mrs. McGovern, St. Kilda

Fantastic, I love the colour.
Mrs. Petrov, Essendon

Looks brand new. Thanks.
L&P Thompson, Patterson Lakes